Ying Yang Twins - Fuck You lyric

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Niggers Kill Me Runnin Their Pussy Licker
Runnin Their Pussy Licker, Runnin Their Pussy Licker
Fuckin With Kaine The Thang I Aint A Lame Nigger
And I Can Change The Aim You Tryin To Brang Nigger
Its A Shame The Game I Got An Vange Nigger
Shawdy Was Bless With The Brain See I Can Think Nigger
One The Best Is The Thang A Second Guesst Remain
So You Testin The Jaw So Let Me Get The Best Of The Bang
These Niggers Aint Shit To A Bettarin
Stack Off Georgia Atlanta And Show Them Whats Better
Lets Dance The Greatest East Atlanta Key
Imma Header WHile YOu Drippin Y'all Niggers Like Some Ice Cream
Nigger Teen Tyt Team Of Some Sound Like Me
Some Tryin To Bite Me But Kaine Coz Imma Beast
But I Aint Say The Least
With The Ying Kaine Sound It Off Ying Yang Twins


I Rock On Paper But I Rock Rock Rymes
But Ying Yang Gon' Crank This Bitch Every God Damn Time
Kaine & D-Roc Bitch We Wont Stop
Everytime We Come Back Bitch We Gon' Pop
Coz We Some ATL Bettarin
Better Then Some Everys
Ballin Is A Evis
But But Niggers Gone Egual 4 Whatever You Do
So Imma Ball Til I Fall Cant Take Less Bout YOu
Coz Imma Get It In & Get It
Keep Care Of My Buisness
Keep Doin My Thang & Keep My Mind Of Bitches
Focust On The Mendrual O
Now Imma See O
Punnn Entertainment Since 2004
& Kaine Got Grown Folks
Naw We Aint Broke Up We Still The Ying Yang Twins
We Just Doin Our Own Thang Make It Do What It Do
If You Dont Like What We Do Then My Nigger Fuck You


If You DOnt Me Pussy Nigger Then FUCK YOU
Mad Coz Im Stackin In Nigger FUCK YOU
You Aint My Motherfuckin Friend Nigger FUCK YOU
Specialy If You Dont My Motherfuckin Kin Nigger FUCK YOu

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