Weird Al Yankovic - Taco Grande lyric

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Taco... Grande...
Taco... Grande...

Yo quiero chimichangas, y chile colorado
Yo tengo el dinero para un steak picado
Las flautas y tamales, siempre muy bueno
Y el chile rellano

You see, I just gotta have a tostada, carne asada
That's right, I want the whole enchilada
My only addiction has to do with a flour tortilla
I need a quesadilla

I love to stuff my face with tacos el carbon
With my friends or when I'm all alone
Yo tengo mucho hambre y ahora lo quiero
Un burrito ranchero

So give me something spicy and hot now
Bring out the menu, what you got now
Oh, would you tell the waiter I'd like to have sour cream on the side
You better sure the beans are refried

Taco... Grande...
Taco... Grande...

Well, there's not a taco big enough for a man like me
That's why I order two or three
Let me give you a tip, just try a nacho chip
It's really good with bean dip

I eat uno, dos, tres, cuatro burritos
Pretty soon, I can't fit in my Speedos
Well, I hope they feed us lots of chicken fajitas
And a pitcher of margaritas

Well, the combination plates come with beans and rice
The taquitos here are very nice
Now I'm down on my knees, we need some extra tomatoes and cheese
And could you make that separate checks please

Taco... Grande...
Taco... Grande...

Buenos noches, senor, y bienvenidos al Enrico's Casa de Salsa
Tenemos muchos platos muy sabrosos
Se puedo recomendar el ardiente pollo al infierno, muy delicioso
Sus ojos se quamaran, su estomago esteran el fuego
Se quedaran en el bano por un semana
Entiendes lo que digo gringo estupido tonto?

Well, the food is coming, I can hardly wait
Now watch your fingers, careful, hot plate
What do you think you're doing with my chile con queso
Well, if you want some, just say so

Oh boy, pico de gallo
They sure don't make it like this in Ohio
No gracias, yo quiero jalapenos, nada mas
You can toss away the hot sauce

Donde estan los nachos? Holy frijole
You better get me a bowl of guacamole
Y usted, Eugene, why is your face turning green
Don't you like pinto beans

You want some more cinnamon crispas
If you don't, hasta la vista
Just take the rest home in a doggy bag if you wanna
You can finish it manana

Well it's been a pleasure, I can eat no more
Senor, la cuenta, por favor
If you ain't ever tried real Mexican cooking, well you oughta
Just don't drink the water

Taco... Grande...
Taco... Grande...
[repeat to fadeout]

Ringtones Ringtone: Send Taco Grande Ringtone to your Cell Phone!

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