UB 40 - Guilty lyric

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Well, hello baby
Come here, sit down and make yourself comfortable
Tell me something
How long have we known each other
About 10 months now
Say whats that you got on your finger
An engagement ring
So you and Johnny are engaged ah
You know
His a mighty lucky guy
He should be proud to have a woman like you
I've got something i wanna tell you
Don't think i'm getting pressured or anything like that
But this thing being bugging me for a long time now
And its getting heavier heavier each and everyday
And i just need to get it off my chest
I've never seen anybody like you
I've never known anybody like you

Guilty , guilty of loving you

Let me take you back to my child hood
We had a medium sized family you know
We weren't rich but my mother
She tried to bring us up the best she could

Guilty, guilty of loving you

To commit no crime or anything
But i had to wait until i reached my goal
To commit this crime
According to their code of love..if there is
See love is a thing that
Well you know
Its a bit like quicksand
The more you wiggle
The Deeper you sink
And when it hits
You'll just have to fall
Thats why i do believe
That I'm guilty

Said I'm guilty
Guilty of loving you(2x)

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