Tanya Stephens - Little White Lie lyric

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(Tanya narrating)
Once upon a time there was a happy family (a sweet little baby)

There was a baby girl, a daddy, and a mommy( a sweet little baby)

Mommy kept a secret she told a little white lie

and when she tucked the baby in at night, she sang her this lullaby

Verse 1:
You got your daddy's smile, you got his eyes
I feel my heart breaking everytime you cry
I'm gonna burn in hell, but its no sacrifice
Your stability is worth a million lies
I see your daddy, in everything you do
And if you could talk, I'll bet you'll talk like him too
but he can't be your daddy, I hope you understand
the man who thinks he's your father
is a much better man
Maybe one day, you'll end up crying on Rikki Lake
but baby its a chance your momma's willing to take
'Cause I love you! even if my heart is gonna break
Aint no reason you should suffer for my mistake

Chorus: And so I lie, baby I try, and it kills me inside
but I'm gonna live with this until the day I die
and I hurt, baby, oh how I hurt
but I know what you're worth, yeah
so I'm gonna live with this
until I hit the dirt, someday

And everyday by herself the momma cried and cried
but at night she smiled when the daddy was by her side
There were times she almost told him, and it really broke her heart
but she forced herself to keep the secret that was tearing her apart

Verse 2:
Now I can't sleep at night
I've lost my appetite
everybody keeps saying
"The baby looks kind of light"
and I tell them that every newborn baby looks the same
while I'm praying to God, "Please make your color change"
the emotions on his face when he's looking at you
I couldn't tell he aint your papa even if I wanted to
he's got your picture tattooed on his arm
now he's bragging to his friends about his firstborn
Oh God, and I love him, really I do, if he ever found out it
would kill me too, now I'm caught between a rock and a
really hard place I'd give anything to keep that smile on his face


Mommy kept the family together the best way she could
cause she knew in this case the truth would do more harm than good
what the daddy didn't know, didn't hurt him
he had no cause to fret, and that's as close to happily ever after as anyone can get

Chorus out

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