T-Pain - Cocky lyric

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[Talking: DJ Khaled]
Yeh it's DJ Khaled
We arragante when it comes down to this music shit
Nigga we cocky!
We Global!
Pree Ringz!

Put some soul in it for me, dog [x2]
Let me clear my throat

I was born in Tallahassee, raised in my own world
Got my own son got a grown girl got my own
I don't own, man mothafucka that I probably know
I probably know, that mothafuckas to fill up Hollygrove
That old me, I'm a O.G. in the Old Game
But enough on me let's talk about who own Pain
Oh man, we goin be here for a whole day
Talking bout who started this artist shit it's way harder than it look
This autotune hook, I offered the book
And ya daughter goin be ship when she find out you getting on mo' Pain
Fuck what them hoes say, this what'cha dog saying
I'm Mr. Biggs ya bitch, I let my dog lay ya
All I do is spit and you stop, I'm like a dog sprayer
I stack paper like pancakes, I'm all layers
Baskin N Robbin ass niggas I got all flavors
I'm getting cocky like Wayne, somebody call Baby

My turn to talk shit mayne
Ain't holding back a mothafuckin thang
Alot of shit to say mayn
Pree Ringz
Nappy Boy
Tay Dizm
Oh Yeah
Young Cash
J Lyric
Y'all already know what it is mayn
Til the death

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