Ronnie Day - The Difference lyric

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These words I was destined to write
Will find peace on the paper tonight
Like it makes a difference
If they live or they die

And I'll stay up till 6 A.M.
Killing words and re-writing them
Like it makes a difference
To the public's eye.

Try hard as I might
I can not write a song without a name

I am alone and that's OK

I will live life in my own way
I will eat breakfast after sunset on the fence
And I will let rebels disobey
And I will let angels sit and pray
But I will not settle for a life without suspense
And that's the difference

My feet, they are naked and cold
While the sky, like a halogen bulb
Works to make a difference
I watch the morning glisten
Now I know that the things I'm missing
Are not as bright as I thought they'd be
They're not as bright as me

And it's One Hundred And Six A.M.
But this song's still my timeless friend
Herein lies the difference
Because you know, you've got to listen
To yourself when you're reminiscing
I'll take my time writing this down
I'll be writing it down
I'll be making it up, though.

That's indifference to a story that was told to you
By a world with the point of view
of a horoscope
Their leaps of faith and misplaced hopes
Their penitence is worse than their thrones.

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