Marvin Gaye - Turn On Some Music lyric

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Dreams of you my darling still
are so fine, so fine
since i love you, so is my
state of mind

Since we've been apart
oh, i miss you, miss you with all my heart
oh, baby, what else can i say?
put on 3 albums & let's fly, baby

aww, i've got to know how much i love you so
i'm gonna make you feel that my love is strong for you tonight
babe, i'm gonna make it right
put 3 albums on, baby
we're gonna make it long, long, long

now when the music starts, i'm gonna groove you slow & quiet
& when the 1st side's through, i'll still be into you
whoo-ooh-ooh, i'm getting sober
let's get high & turn the record over
'cause ooh, 'cause babe, it's time for phase 2

yeah, that's how it is
yeah, that's how it goes
hey, just why it is
yeah, nobody knows
'cause music's been my therapy
taking the pain from all my anatomy
ahh, & my anatomy
it's my symphony, it always stays with me

you know that the world ain't right, aww baby
lots of people stay uptight
owww! i'll go crazy, aww, if something ever happens to my musical thrill
& darling, your love is just like music

the second jam, girl, is falling down
we've been 1 hour, still i've got the power
turn up the sounds, sounds drown out the screams
come rock with me straight into side B
the time has passed, an hour & a half
i love you, baby, i'm strong enough to last
you, you & your music are more precious than gold, baby
two hours later, baby
& i'm feeling greater
you said, "WAIT! aww, baby, let's take a break"
girl, before you play the last side
are you fit enough to ride?
i said YES!, baby, just let me catch my breath
honey, honey, honey, ohh, baby
im not through yet
naw, this is 1 night, honey
that you won't forget, baby
i love you, darling, i'm gon' prove it to you tonight

Ringtones Ringtone: Send Turn On Some Music Ringtone to your Cell Phone!

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