Manafest - Rockin' Me lyric

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Verse I

Look at me, what you see?

Is it him or me? Critic's is dissing me hard was this meant to be?

The feeling I'm feeling is real,
and it's stealing, the meaning to stay in this field

Many men of tried it, few have ever made it

Most taken out fighting sin temptations

I separate my English, like the French

When I fall, get down repent, what don't ye get?


Rocking me constantly, being somebody, the pressures is calling me

God and society Break Down Chorus

If do I could fall, if I don't I will crawl.

It's so hard having all, isn't this what I want

I stepped out, fell down, Got up, what now

Verse II

Put yourself in my shoes, with my crew,

I lose take a ride right through my mind, birds eye view

I stopped caring what yall think a year ago, here we go, radio, video,

Stereo, types cause I'm white,
the harder I write, the more lies on my life

Ye tell it in spite

Right to my face, or stab me in the back

Manic depressive no, but I might just snap

Verse III

This position's warn out, I want out

It's what I wanted not what I thought

It was when I was poor now I'm cornered

Knowing now it's in the past with the wack raps

I'm signing 99 hundred 9 lines of autographs

Most significant feeling like I'm infinite

Critics used to kick my backside now they kissing it

What a switch up, thought I'd a give up

Ridiculous, how I ended up, so what

I ain't so different, yeah I'm a Christian

Living still winning you got counterfeit religion

I say it in my lines in ye face up to rise

You hating on something that you ain't even tried

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