Mac Dre - On My Toes lyric

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On My Toes #150# Mac Dre

Kick back relax an let me bust one, bust one
An don't trip if I cuss one, cuss one
Two times we'll be spitting the shit
It just a way a nigga straight be getn the grit
Microphone master Mac Dre is the name
I got donkey for a bitch and when I'm slangin the thang
Hoes go delirious cuz the dick is so serious
Fuckin bitch after bitch, cuz they all be curious
a young nigga down to break you for everything
and mister flamboyant is a song I'll never sang
I'm not wit the click shit, im straight wit the sick shit
And any south sucka im ready to get - wicked
Romped out Crest down mouthafucka
this romp life I could neva get enough of
ridin sidin whippin dippin 24-7 a nigga aint trippin
hoes they, try to do me, stay the fuck back you damn tramp hoochie
M.D. the playa of the 9-0, you got 10 bitches, I got 10 fine hoes
That how it goes, I'm a pimp an it shows, stay on my toes x4

I'm a lyrical rap speakin makin beatin combination
Straight from the crest, I'm like the rest, I'm here to rock the nation
I'm down with E an A.G. Kurt, Marty an cursin
I smoke the weed it gets me keyed but nothing would I be nasen
nuthin clean on the heem, you rarely see me sober
I break a bitch who's filthy rich, I'm always gettin over?
Give me a number on the under love to get to know ya
I know your hot I'd hit the spot, just gimme the chance to show ya
The M the A the C the D the R the E
Suckers imitate, but it's hard to be,
a young playa shootin to the tizzop
could never be a sucker who's sprung on some kizzot
Mac Drizzay the one you like to listen to
I'm on the dizzank an now im thizzin too
Git dizzo with some shit I rizzote
I got shizzed every time I gizzo
You see smizzoke and then you start to chizzoke
Pop a straight fizzact, could never be brizzoke
Mac Drizzay all damn dizzay I get bizzay an stack that skizzay
The one you like to hear recite the raps I write
I never bite, I'm not the type, don't take me light, we'll have to fight
Sick with the shit, so mutha fucka, you better get it right or get it
Money makin hoochie sinkin crestside player,
6 ft 1 w/ lots of curls in my hair
So much game I need to run for mayor,
she steady pays me, but I never will pay her.
Dayray and clute, they got my bizzack
Ronny D an Simon in the bizzack, my manager Stan
Drives a cadillizzac and tyree pays me real fizzat +6
I'm just a mizzack mizzack makin lots a money on stage
straight trizzack +3, stay on my toes,
I'm just a mizzack mizzack mizzack stay on my toes etc#133#.

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