Knightowl - If you want to try lyric

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If you want to try

Then you must want to die

The baddest of them all

You should that it's I

I never been down

So best not fuck around

Do you wanna be the next

Victim under ground



You wanna battle me

But I'm the dopest of them all

You know that I be the wickedest

Mothafucka that you ever saw

The streets of Cali getting full of paranoya

Everybody in panic mode when I explode

Cause I'm the mothafuckin bomb

Your life's about to get took

I be that fuckin crook

They all warned you about

I'm the same fool your mama told you about

Think you bunch of stupid mothafuckas

And don't you try and rush me

You might get your brain split

Like a fuckin clit

Knightowl be that fool that brings terror

Never made and error

Infact I'm so fuckin dope

I con like Ferra

So what the fuck gives you the right

To fight a man with the clan

So fuckin sick get off my dick

Before this blade I stick in your fuckin eye

Die when you kill one of mine

It's time for you to go

Pay backs a fuckin bitch like you

You're through so good night mothafucka

Be the words I gotta say when I spray

Thats gonna be your last day on earth

You fuckin punk mothafucka



Check out this fool that'll bust

The Knightowl's the one that'll smoke you

Mothafuckas like angel dust

Crankin a mothafuckas dome like a rock

Light em up like pot

Situation gettin hot

And I'm still not gonna get caught

Who in the fuck has a death wish

Is it you that wants to meet the fuckin Devil

I'll shake that ass around like bass

And hit your ears like treble

When I kick you in the fuckin skull

I split your temple in two you gotta doubt

Do you wanna find out what I'ma about

If not go to hell and fuck you

The Knightowl sly slick and wicked

That ass I'll kick it when I confront you

I'll hunt your down like a fuckin dog

And make your cry before you fuckin die

You wanted to act loco

Not knowin you pick the wrong

Mothafucka to mess with

But it's too damn fuckin late

I'll make you disapear

Like good food on a plate

You'll never be able to

Get rid of the baddest MC

That got's em all runnin for their lives

So fuck you, your mom's your pop's

Your punk ass kids and that

Slutty ass bitch of a wife

Fuck her too

You punk mothafucka



Get off the mothafuckin ball sack

It is I that you wanna be like

I'll make that ass jump sides

Like a fuckin dyke

Fool quit the bull shitting

And put your mothafuckin

Self in check you get's no respect

When I get violent

I be rollin with my dawg Silent

Now who wants to be my next

To end with a broken neck

And stiff shoulders

When I'm droppin these lyrical boulders

I be incredible

When lead becomes edible

It's too damn late

For you to become regertable

Dead like Nat King Cole

But there is a big differences

You will become fogetable

Alot of wisdom spoken

You be some what like a cherry

About to get broken, provokin

The wrong bald headed fool

What are you smokin

Let go of them fuckin drugs

And get a taste of reality

Before you become the next fatality

Knightowl's too damn fuckin sick

I'm like a dog in heat

Ready to compete

As all my opponents get fucked

Ya'll just ran out of fuckin luck

So ya'll best step the fuck back

Before I crack a hole in your fuckin dome

You pinchi maircon


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