Kaddisfly - Campfire lyric

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Welcome to your life, you better watch your steps,
Or they could turn to fire that could sear through your shoes,
through your feet, move up you legs and eat away your heart
until you walk a path with love.
Then you could be happy and your feet and hands and heart will
get along comfortably, and you might even breathe easily.

albeit obvious
we hardly seek, but hope to find you there
(if we don't speak, no one can lend a hand)
(we'll never die, we'll merely disappear)

makes no difference how hard you try, for any period of time or lenght of distance
under any pressure, in any environment,
walk your path, but man you better watch your steps
they'll burst to flames if you don't pay the ground just a bit of respect
and walk your path with love
and thank the air above

with anyone, with anything, or underneath a budding tree
no matter how much you've thought,
or how much you've grown
or how much you've learned
or how much you think you know
or how much you've grieved
or you've forgiven
or how much you love

(you will never know what tomorrow will bring)

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