Jessica Simpson - Fly lyric

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Verse 1:
I love someone so much
That I just want her to hold my hand,
Everyday walkin in the park talkin
‘bout love

Chorus 1:
Did you ever love somebody so
Much that you just want to her to fly away
With you, so fly away with me,
To a place far away from here

Verse 2:
My mind can't handle
My feelin's for you anymore
So, please, come with me
Away from this crazy world
Yeah away from here

Chorus 2:
I've been waiting for so long
That I want you to just fly away with me
And I'll always cherish this moment
Forever and ever on

Well, I can't take it any more
No, no, no
My mind is just goin crazy all over you
Ooooo, please just do so
I could just picture us dancing in the moonlight til
Midnight ooh yeah
But, you don't say it but its in
Your eyes the fear of goodbye
Ooohh yea there's more to us forever

Chorus 3:
Theres more to us forever
And we'll be together forever
And our feelins for one another
Will stay in our hearts forever
So Just Fly Away With Me
(Repeat till fade)

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