Jasmine Guy - I Won't lyric

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I won't

So yesterday was just a bad day
Can't let it get to you and you can't
Let your inside cry for It I will try to be strong
Just forget about the things that were
Negatives...I can't be the person I used to be

No I won't let there words
Get to me no I won't let tears
Run on my face no I won't let
Them struck me down like
Someone who can't take anything
I will be who I am
And that's that

Sometimes I feel like there trying to run from me
I can't take all the feelings it just puts me in a mystery
Where am I? I ask am I feeling confused with what you do

No I won't let tears run down on my face
No I won't do that I will stay the way I am
Nothing can make that change
I've had enough of it
I've felt like a person who has beauty in her
And has been put down because of it.

No this can't happen
I won't let it I will fight it
Whatever it takes to be cool

No I won't let my chances fall from a wall
I have made no I won't be week
I will be strong I won't care what there words are
No I won't I will be strong

I have friends I have family
I try my best in every thing I do
This time to make it work
It's going to probably make me a real try hard
But suits me best all I can think of is me to be in happiness
No I won't this is me can't change that

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