Janez Detd. - Victim lyric

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When I was 14 I used to beaten up every day after school yeah
This brat used to run off with my candybars too.
He had a twisted mind and I was frazzled as ever
What did he want from me except for my Reeces, my Reeces

I know what you're expecting me to sing right now.
A real tough story like I punched his nose one day'

Well that's not quite how the tail goes I'm not real strong see,
I just got a big mouth, so I just informed our school's principal.
Yep back then I was just a wiener, loser and things haven't changed much,
But at least now I don't tell, I just am for the Bull's eye and run
like a pro dude.

I wear my Martens when I go out.
No shithead's telling me what I should do or not.

Dr's with a steel toe, works all the time, tear gas base ball stick's
fine. I'll smash their face down.
All my friends go work out, They're bionic punks always sticking up
for me, so fruitcakes watch out.
I'm not that bad you know, I've just learned to protect my dignity and
And I guess that I'll do it again and again.

I've learned to earn my respect in our hometown.
Nobody messes with me or my buds so...

I'm not a victim of the GI Joe or Scoobiedoo-generation, I don't
fight with no delirious grin.
I don't go out with no manic look in my eyesbro, I'm just a victim,
nothing more than a crank victim.

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