50 Cent - More That Meets The Eye lyric

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The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
Autobots wage their battle to Destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons
The Transformers More Than Meets The Skies

Lil Wayne:
Yeah, Look I got one in the back,
I got one in the front,
I make em do what I say.
They tell me say what I want
I tell em
get your money girl or just stop breathing...
cause if it aint about that dough Ii aint about it neither
see a gangster like myself I get my paper from woman
man your woman probably out there with some paper to give me
Listen, your looking at a real pimp ask my old women
and there tell you no remote, I control women
I'm a whole load put me in the game women
if he aint paying then he shouldn't be playing I'm saying
broke dudes only make jokes funny
I make more then I can fit in this quote honey
Unquote come sun soak with me ma
fly you down here and lay you up in my beach house
and if you smile at my girl, I'll make her smile back

Powerful impact, Boom from the cannon
I'm strong in the hood, I'm aight on the scanning
figure my next joint should do at least double
but right now I'm trying to get at mami with the bubble
she know who the God his, she seen the Charpard kid,
no security guard so I'm easy to target but
bring it back, if you coming for war then bring your AK
if you coming to gamble then bring a stack
and I don't even need that nonsense
I'm trying to watch honey bring it back like a DJ contest
so I just blew the lizm
then I started division
her hip thighs and ass are coming out of them true religions
here ma, want a cup?
it's D-Block and wanna know what?
MH my niggas gun em up
and we aint trying to carry it
we just trying to put something hot up in your stomach baby
and slide to the maverick

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