2 Skinnee J's - Lost & Found lyric

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Me looking for fun and you found that
Heart on your sleeve, gum on your shoes
Looking this year's model, feeling yesterday's news
So you take off running like a dog at a racetrack
Crowded in like clowns in a hatchback
Into your own, out in the night
You get a tan from the spotlight

Lost and found in the mirror now
Coming down, getting clearer now
Coming round, getting nearer now
Lost and found, right before your eyes

You never say a word you would take back
You came looking for truth and they faked that
Selling out, buying in
Trading capitol gains and original sin
So you come out swinging like it's time for some payback
Too late, out of date like an eight track
Fade to black, fade to grey
Tired of it anyway


And you say
It might be hard, but it sure looks easy to me
It might seem funny, but it don't look funny to me
'Cause they keep on talking but they still ain't talking to me
And they think they're ready but they sure ain't ready for me

Find time to shine before the last act
You came looking for faith but you're past that
Comedy and tragedy
When irony is your strategy
So you jump up singing on cue like a laugh track
Switch lanes or remain in the fast track
You don't know, you don't care
See you when you get there

(Chorus x2)

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