1st Lady - One Life, One Love Feat. Flipboy lyric

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[ Intro ]

Girl, I can say "I Love You" as much as I want,
but I need to show it in other ways too, you know what I'm sayin'?

[ Verse 1 ]
I wake up every morning beside the girl of my dreams,
It seems that you and me make a perfect team,
Rest your head, I'll make you breakfast in bed,
A little foresight 'til the day we wed,
Since high school, we've been down since day 1,
We've grown up together and now something should be done,
I'm on one knee, gimme your hand for a second,
I don't wanna keep you guessin, it's time to the pop the question,
No need to worry, you'll get that wedding ring,
I suppose I should propose, "Look, there's a diamond in this rose."
Shaking when I see you walk down the aisle in your white gown,
I think it's time now to say my vows,
First of all, I'll always be caring and loving,
I'll stop my hustlin cuz now I'm husband,
And If we plan to bring a child to this crazy world,
I'm beside you those whole 9 Months when you give birth to our baby girl.

[ Verse 2 ]
We're on our honeymoon as we watch the sunset,
Your smile makes me happy and that's just being honest
I wonder why you choosed a cruise through the Atlantic,
Ah I get it, you wanted to re-enact Titanic,
Your lucky that your man knows how to be romantic,
I'll keep our love life steady dramatic,
Wherever we are, I'll always hold you,
I'm the shoulder you can cry on when you watch The Notebook,
I'll be there to soothe your pain as we kiss in the rain,
When we in bed we can't be restraint
Your touch is sensual, your passion's sexual,
When your alone i'm the one you want to call,
It's definite our love's infinite
You've got the key to my heart and you've locked yourself in it,
You a princess and you should be treated like one,
With a knight by your side to protect your life,
I'll tell you right now, Girl you make my heart melt,
I hate being soft but my feelings can't be dealt,
I'm so fucking glad that I found true love,
I never knew that existed, God gave me a sign from above.

[ Verse 3 ]
I'm the type of guy who's not afraid to show his girl he loves her,
I'm tired of seeing women fucked over by they lovers,
My mother always told me to love & respect a woman,
And never take advantage of the trust she's given,
I feel bad for the real women, far from bitches,
Who are searching for that one man but can't fill the picture,
I respect a man who's not ashamed to show his love,
Especially when you got boys laughing, I know it's tough,
It's not about who's the getting the best pussy,
Bitch Please, not all women are hoochies,
Don't worry ladies, it's just a long wait up,
So Keep Ya Head Up, now will the real men get up?
And I'm standing right beside y'all cuz I know I'm real,
I can tell you with no ego, that I have balls of steel,
To come out here and speak the real deal,
Women do have power like men, ya feel?
Now if you can say "Word" and agree with my shit,
You'll probably think twice when you think of fucking tits,
We gotta change our ways before things get outta hand,
I'm not tryna preach, I'm showing women that I understand.

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