She was chillin' with her best friend
At the far end, I was working late
Suddenly I had a feeling, I was dreaming
When I saw her pretty smile and
That girl's got everything turnin'
My world will be never the same and
I got to make her mine, all I need is just some time

Cause' the feeling's right
Look into her eyes
She is more than I'll ever find
Tell me how to make this story turn to life, to life

Why, did I ever pass her by
Did she even walk into my life
Make me lose my mind, my baby
Why, do we have to say goodbye
Everytime she leaves it makes me cry
Why, can't she be mine, my baby

Every night I think about her
And where we were, when I saw her face
What I'd give to have her here now
Gotta somehow show her that I really care, yeah
My friends been buggin' me lately
They say I'm a bit of a dreamer
But I don't mind at all, cause' the writing's on the wall

Baby I don't understand why got me feelin' this way
Never felt saomething so real in my life
Baby now I'm praying for you to hear my call
Girl I can't deny, what I feel inside
Stay forever