"Baby You're The One"

It's so hard to believe
I can't believe that I found you girl
All that I ever wanted,
Is in you before my eyes

I know that you are my angel
Heaven sent from the lord above
I simply can't believe it
I'll be all you ever need.

Baby you're the one that I need
Everything I want you be
Girl it’s only you that I adore
All I need and so much more
Baby you're the one that I need
Everything I want because its you I'm begging for
I call your name
Girl my heart is yours for sure
Baby you're the one...

Here's my heart you can keep it
You're the only one in my world
Girl I hope you can feel it
That I want you by my side

I feel just like I'm in heaven
and I hope you can feel it too
It's hard to just believe it
But I swear there words are true

When I see you girl I swear that I
Want you always in my life
You're the key to find
My way to Paradise
I've been longing for this moment
Ever since I've seen your smile
I would do most anything to have you
Right here by my side



Chorus x2

Baby you're the one