U.S. Bombs
"Rocks In Memphis"

I can't forget shit, I get from other bands

I can't forget kickin' dope in a cargo van

Memphis winter in a frigidare

It gives me more character pissed out winds

United Air crossed the Mississippi bridge

Porcelain death, rock and roll decayed

Porcelain death, a royal flush away we rolled away

T.C.B, I grabbed myself and blew to Lisa

Lisa Marie pulled up broke to every gig

That's the sign of success, haggle out at every thrift

Just to get a sewing kit , I know the kings lookin' down at me

'Cause now it's raining hamburger grease

Closed my eyes and hit my knees

In front of the wall of the wall of graffiti

The king's fuckin' dead fat man on a throne

Dead in his piss that's how I'm gonna go

The kinds is dead and punk rock lives

Seventy seven is the year of the wreck

T.C.B, I took care of business

And blew to Lisa Marie RnR is dead