U.S. Bombs
"Isolated Ones"

Can't buy you Cadillac, a diamond ring

There's no dough in the ghetto

A nine to nine, got a barmy life

And I broke all the windows, we are the isolated ones

We're gonna run, run, run, get my loaded gun

Bel Air mannequin's too good for me

It walked by as if I was a bum kicking

My can across the dirty street to my mansion

At the dump we're your minority

In the city financial district we ain't blessed

I just seen a suit jump off a building

I guess the stocks in the market crashed

The solid waste here bulks in plenty of thieves

And plenty of greed, nothing to eat but a can of beans

And I'm stuck with l.S.E. projects road rage

Car jacks looting shoulders of the world

A no life gang fight parasite, shooting shoulders of the world