U.S. Bombs

We?re all still on this earth because we all still have to learn

To love and heal each other, blasphemy, I?ll say the words

Yesterday rotates the same old broken tape

It false fide my pride to hate?s a soul waste

It?s a shame on season, for truth to keep the lights on

Scripts are going to change, so far I see oncoming trains

A ball of wax, a can of worms, we all point out dogs resavoir

I?m puttin? down my weapon now, I?m puttin? down the gun

History repeats itself, surrender took so long

As my mind discards itself, the pieces left alone

I cannot redeem it all, its still some other day

Planet life is far too short to let you bother me

It?s in the drink, it?s in the shame

I won?t remain, I won?t remain

The flag is up, don?t bring it down

I?m gonna be, I?m gonna be

I?m breakin' free, I?m gonna be