U.S. Bombs
"Bloody Rag"

Tin soldiers fought for what we got and now it's lost

Spirits of two hundred years gets laundrode in the wash

The keepers of the key have lied to you

They lied to me, millions died for a color?d cloth on a pole knee deep

Children fight so buerocrats can have a seat

Inflations up the dollars down war means economy

He?s digging for the gold he wears a flag upon his sleeve

Bible in his hand

Lavish the oil in the middle east

Ousted, ousted, ousted, ousted

Ya don?t believe ya don?t, it's dungary, it's dungary to talk

Ya don?t believe it's dungary [unverified]

Bloody rag torn to shreds

Bloody rag millions dead

Bloody rag, a bloody rag