U.S. Bombs

End of the year, they're raising my rent

Called, in sick my money is spent

Buildings out side all covered in snow

Makin' a fire the heat is on

I look out my window, there's a shopping cart attached to it

There's a crying bum, I need a road dog

Where's Santa Claus? On my last drop in stuck eating crumbs

No gift, December 25th, no bottle's empty

Where's St. Nicolas? Happy fuckin' year and Christmas carol's

A whore on the corner and a Grinch is a friend of every pimp

Take me away for the holidays, dinner in a strait jacket turkey tray

And the kids who have been beat down with a stick

You ain't gotta take it from the family plan

If ya can't get help, do it all for yourself

A make shift kid will be strong in the end

Soaking up those tears comes just once a year

Get someone a gift, show someone you care