"Hype Man (truDog '07)"

truDog's back
Playin' from another layer

"Alright I'm gonna show you how this thing works."
"I'll be your Hype Man, we gonna start it out like this."

CHORUS (toby)
Tru D-O-G
What you got for me?
Tru D-O-G
What you got boy?
Tru D-O-G
Make it hot for we.
Tru D-O-G
Make it hot!

Like this? Tru D-O-G
That's who I am
With the sun in my eyes and the mic in my hand
I'm a rock this party like an old school jam.
Tru D-O-G
That's what I got pops


I gotta get this off my chest a like recess
And I like it the best when I'm ballin'
Shot callin' bouncing off the walls

"What you know about shot callin' man?"
'Cause everybody gonna move when I rock the mic

tru: "Yo hold up dad

toby: "What?"

tru: "Don't you have 11 of the joints on this record?"

toby: "Yah."

tru: "What's the name of this track anyways?"

toby: "truDog"

Cause everybody gonan move when I rock the mic
I keep it lyrically smooth like I'm riding a bike
And every once in a while just to see if they feel me
I'm gonna pop a wheely, Uh!
I'm gonna pop a wheely

toby: "Man, what you talking about, you can't pop no wheely."

tru: "Yes I can, ask mama!"

toby: "Hold up, you said something about old school, what you know about old school?"

Check this!
Sha-sha-sha-sha-sha-sha shake it
Don't break it
It took your mama 9 months to make it

toby: "This song's getting out of control, I can't take any more."

tru: "But Dad! That's not a very good hype man."

toby: "Hey I heard that. Busted."

tru: "Oh, snap."