TLC - My Life lyric

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Woowoowoo ow

And I believe it don't affect nobody else but me

Ya'll been tellin' me what to do since I was old enough to walk
old enough to talk
Never let me speak a move, do my own thang
But now I've grown wiser now, brighter now,
a little bit tighter now
And ya'll can't hold me down, I know ya hate to hear,
but things have changed in my life

It's been a while but,
Me and my style stuck
Now everybody and they mama try to it do it (my life)
I've done that, been through that,
so there ain't nothin' that you can tell me (my life)
On a good night, if I feel like me and the girls at the club
and tear it up (my life)
It's my life and I believe it don't affect nobody else but me,
me, me, me

I'm getting sick and tired of folks who wanna come around,
claim they goin' get down
but all they wanna do is see me make a wrong move, yeah
I don't care what you hear in the news
to see who I choose to do the late night night creep with
I'm gonna do, just what I wanna do, It's my life


Woowoowoo ow
And I believe it don't affect anybody else but me..

Sometimes I might get a little crazy and
Sometimes I might seem out of hand
But I'm sayin' life's too short for me to
let you dictate what I say
and the moves I make
Sick of people tryin' to tell me what to do
It's my life and I'm a live it like I want to

Check it
Another day, another dollar It's the reality of my mentality
otherwise don't even bother
You see my father was a wise old man,
always creatin' a plan for me to conquer this land
He said I am what I am, so be the best that I can.
And if them othas don't like it, then why should I give a damn?
Huh. Maybe so, ‘cause when his life wasn't and wrecked,
my motha picked up them pieces, continued on with the fight.
So now it's plain to me, it ain't no game to me.
See mom and dad corrected math, one and one equaled three
. Four and five, I count my sister and brothas stay alive
‘til we die. And don't you ever be worried
cause I'm down with the ride. Who kissin' dollas?
and crescent hills tumble down,
I set a new ground for jack and jill.
Ever wonder what put the thunder deeply in my eyes
take a look and you'll find the sunshine, my life, my life, my life.

(chorus 2x)

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