"Ken Bruce Has Gone Mad"

When everyone is everyone
Else's C.E.O.;
When schools have only principals;
When reapers never sow;

When bridges build by mere decree
Of architectural plan;
When courts of judging criminals
Sentence each other man;

Ken Bruce has gone mad!
Ken Bruce has gone mad!

And students all examiners
Become; and all do pass;
When Art turns into Critic and
Crawls right up its own arse;

When workers are invisible
Banned banished despised;
And finally we outlaw all
That mutual interest ties;

When leadership's the common lot;
And man and wife confer
To negotiate a love wherein
The other need defer

Then finally we will have got
The rich man's food to carve;
And each of us will hold the knife,
And each of us will starve.