Threat Signal
"When All Is Said And Done"

break the hains and release my from this struggle
i have the right to see freedom
not like the rest
so weak and powerless
i rise to face the day
burn down my whole inspiration
burn me into the ground
i will never surrender or silence
bind to false ideals and never let them go
fake words for the feeble minded
my path is strong
we need to find redemption
remove your face from the dirt
when all is said and done we are
to blame i search to find the answer
but nothing seems to fit
i am disposed
with this shadow, walking beside me
i'm not alone
with all this weight on my shoulders,
dragging me down i'm not alone
trusting life in the hands of the
ravenous one breathing lies
until the end, the end of man
raping the world from the inside
killing us all i vow to serve and
protect myself from this mess
i vow with utmost intent, no lies
drown the population with the revolting
gallons they have bled reap and
pillage find the truth and see how
we've been misled and this world we
call our home will in turn decay
until the end of days
and we're blinded by the sun
that consumes the day
until the end
of me