Thousand Foot Krutch
"Rhime Animal"

Get Funky!
Verse 1
Who woulda guessed,
We'd be doin' it like this,
For all the brothers who can't handle this,
Thousand Foot takin' up mad space,
Too much so that we could wipe out,
We got that classic touch,
Nothin' changed,
Still representing the same, boy,
You betcha,
The intellectual,
It's all about smooth texture,
We can be like wanna get it on quick,
Slick, When the riff hits yah,
Eardrum, and the word sticks,
Like think quick,
When in doubt who you goin to?
Who you owin' to,
On the other end,
Who's gonna be your friend?
Just a little something to think about, no doubt,
Thousand 'bout to let the rhime animal out,
We be rockin' on till dawn and back again,
When you here the jam turn the volume back up to ten,
I love music and,
Can't imagine bein' here without it,
Turn it up so your neighbors all hear about it!

Thousand Foot with the sound to move yah,
We got the rhythm that'll row right through yah,
Throw your hands up if the music soothes yah,
We rock on like a power booster,
Thousand Foot with the sound to move yah,
We got the rhythm that'll run right through yah,
We raise the roof, never standin' still,
C'mon And make way, for the rhime animal.. [2x]

Verse 2
Well it's the second verse and,
No need for rehearsin',
I be the rhime animal,
Live and in person,
Wanna give a shout to all the real hip hoppers,
Who come to all of our shows, and represent proper,
Turning to those who understand what thousand foot do,
Cause it ain't entirely easy,
In this industry,
To pick up a mic and start rappin',
And put on guitar straps and start singing,
We'll be like, 'we're happy singin'
Yo we just can't get the hang of it,
Well it really is cause you can't understand the slang of it,
So what if a rock band was to throw in a few,
Ask a few, rascles jumpin' around,
Here's some finger snaps, said uh..
If you still don't get it man, Forget it,
By the time you accept us we'll be makin a new record,
It's all good tho,
It don't really matter,
The Krutch don't care,
We down for whatever

Chorus [x2]

Yo everybody swing,
Listen to the guitar sing, check it..


Chorus [x2]