Thompson Twins, The
"Groove On"

When you're all wired up 'cos it's Saturday night
And nowhere to go; your little fish don't bite
When all you see when you look around
Is a ship of fools and a dirty old town

When the ice cream man licks his lips
And says "I want you" with a clockwise twist
You better groove on (groove on)
When your cosmic mind has lost its way
And you can't even rain on your own parade
You better groove on


When the High Street pirates pull their guns
And say "What's it gonna be--money or love?"
When you look in the mirror and no one's there
No one to save you and the cupboard is bare

When Strawberry Fields don't last forever
Kiss the sky and never say never
Better groove on (groove on)
When love kicks in with a vicious grin
All or nothing, sink or swim
You better groove on

Groove on, Groove on

When your dog comes on on the television
And says "You don't know just what you've been missing"
When you take that trip and the sky falls in
And you're upside down, but you're still looking in

When the sun comes out and your hopes are high
And Lucy's back in the diamond sky
You better groove on (groove on)
Well, if you're feeling fine, well, I don't mind
That's what I came all this way to find

Groove on, Groove on
Groove on, Groove on