Tanita Tikaram
"Light Up The World"

Thinking back,
Could I feel much older?
And my stance
Couldn't feel much colder

Can they tell
What I'm getting over now?
In the park
I've seen you walking

And in my dreams
I've heard you talking
Can they tell what I'm getting over now?
'Cos you light up the world yeah,
You light up the world

In this time,
And times to come
I do not know
If your hopes have won

I do not care where you think
You'll find it and I do not care
If I fall behind

Thinking back
I was so much younger
Thinking back
You were so much more tender
Thinking back,
Will it make me hunger now?

For you, light up the world
Yeah you, light up the world
Well there's something about the girl
Yeah there's something about her world
There's something for everyone

Have you found yourself in the frame of mind?
Where no-one can be too kind
And there's so little lost
There must be a life to trust there
And if I try I know I'll be there
To hold, and be mine