Girl I'm sorry 4 the sorrow
I'm sorry 4 the pain
Girl I'm sorry 4 the misery
& I'm sorry 4 the rain

I'm so sorry 4 confusion
So sorry 4 the questions why
But most of all I have 2 state
Girl I'm sorry 4 goodbye

Cuz I really want u, I really need u
& I really like the chance 2 say
Don't tell me it's over, tell me u think it's not 2 late

Babe I'm sorry 4 the reasons
So sorry 4 the times u cried
& I'm sorry 4 the time we lost
But sorry don't always make it right




I know it sounds absurd, lately the things I've heard
There's no use 4 your denying
The words I wanna hear, you're so not even near
But I always give in 2 your cryin