"In Make Believe"

Nobody knows what a fool's mind wants 2 believe
& This fool lives in make believe

Everyday's a fantasy
Living through a video game where I'm the king running
I'm the bad moon rising
Night & day are all the same
Livin on a coaster ride like e a bullet train coming
Sun is always shining


I can do anything I want, feel it up
Throw it back down with no regard, honey
Ain't life what I make it
U can be me, so high & free
Paint your face purple, gold take it 2 the hole, baby
Calm is overrated



I'm schizophrenic & so am I
Double life screaming out loud in my room o' rubber
Madly, truly deeply
I can breakout if I wanna be free,
But I like the lives that I've attained
Y'all come back & see me

Da, da da da, da da da da da da da da, da da......