"Straighten It Out"

Let's break it out all of this black-on-blackBrown-on-brown,
in every townBecause I'm sick of seeing my people's
sketchesScattered all over the groundSince these murders
occur every single daySo put the gun away because I
want to liveTo see another day,
a happy dayWhere there's peace between nationsLove
within races and no division in the congregationsNo
more pimps and drug dealers on every cornerA homeless
people struggling with no home freezeAnd they pump
for quarters, I am talkin' about a world of peaceWith
no mo' closed caskets if you know rowsLike most of
my homies that have been deceasedNo more murderers,
diseases or suicides, it's time we all wake upAnd wipe
the mucus from my sleepy eyesAnd straighten things
out like a ruler 'cause nowadaysThe cart we juggle
is full of hate, killas and runawaysI'm sick of it,
so I'll be the first brother to shoutLet's straighten
it out 'cause together we can work it outLet's straighten
it out, from the west side to the east sideLet's straighten
it out, from the north side to the south sideLet's
straighten it out, from the east side to the west sideLet's
straighten it out, from the south side to the north
sideI wish somebody would tell me whyWe can't just
straighten out all this messAt times I think my fat
should be a bulletproof vestGot all these homies claiming
south side, west sideEast side,
north side, Asian, Black and Brown prideIt seems that
there's no mo hope, my own people's send meTheir guns
and try to push me the dope,
I can't copeBut I gotta, why?
Because I'm sick of all the shots ringingFrom the sixty-fo
and hollasRemember where we was family,
where we could kick itAnd not worry about your own
kind killin' ya'Seems like all we care about is money
and fameDrugs in the game,
it's killin' me softlyLike Lauren from the Fugees sangMan,
what's it gonna take for us to grow upBefore love is
the only gang sign we throw up?
'Cause all our peoples headin' straight for the morgueUnless
we put down the gunsAnd start to trust in the LordLet's
straighten it outI wonder what could make a man hit
a woman wit' a furious handSomebody tell me because
I just don't seem to understandAnd then we wonder why
y'all kids is bangin' with none at homeIt seems the
parents is the one givin' they kids a trainin'Beatin'
'em down, with your fists and a buckle of a beltTo
prideful to accept that you needed some serious helpSo
you kept strikin' like thirsty bats straight out of
hellBut what you did was wrong,
stop and listen to my songIt breaks my heart in two
when I see the things you put them throughWhy do you
do all the harmful things that you do?
Spiritually guided with deceive and rags on both your
wivesNot knowin' you was led by demons when you made
them cryBut you didn't quit till they finally ran away
from homeThen your wife left you too and now your sad
and all aloneJust thinkin' about everything your family
could have beenSo now your squeezin' the trigger to leave this life of sin