Ronnie Day
"Dying to Live"

I've got a sickness,
something bad slowly eating me,
and I don't think that I can fix this.
I'm lonely and
I'm only human.
Well, that's my problem.

Maybe someday
we can lift each other higher
than these earthly wings would let us go,
we'll melt away,
we'll melt away and die.
Away and die.

I'm scared of what's to come
and what's to come undone
in the end.
All that my life's become
is time for me to run
and pretend that my mind will live again.

Hurry Self, think quickly...
I feel blood in my lungs and I'm dying to live.
This pain was made by recipe,
it's not out on my skin.
It's in my mind in knowing I won't live again.