Ronnie Day
"Angel In Disguise"

The other day I saw you were all alone
and I've got hopes that I probably shouldn't own
but I can't help what my eyes can't see
My mind just fills it in for me so now...

I want to love you again, like I used to do
And I want to pretend that you've got nowhere to run to
because if you don't... and I don't....
well I know somewhere you could go.

In all of my life, I've never felt lonlier than now
but I will stay bright, in case you need a way to find me

I'm an angel in disguise,
I'll do my best this time...
I'll make the stars align for you
Into a necklace, you'll never forget this view

And I'm a lonely kind of guy
but I can be open, too
Just say what you need and I don't need a reason...
I'll get it for you
because loving is easy as 1, 3, 2.

I look at that clock on my wall and it's getting late
I'm half-past-tired but I want to stay...
There're still some words I have yet to find
But I know they're mine, because they're on my mind, they say

I believe in a love that we shared yesterday
I believe there are things that never fade away
I believe you might leave me even though you have
Something left to say

And I hate the sun,
And I hate the rain
And I hate the world without you
And I hate myself for letting go
Before I knew I was ready to

And I hate the taste of my Sunday mouth
And I hate my keys on the kitchen floor...
How do you live without conviction?
How do you live without?