Ringo Starr
"Scouse's Dream"

I sit and watch while others sing and dance
But I know someday I will have my chance
I'm down today, it's true
My chances have been few
But I am not discouraged 'cause I know what I can do

I may be a tiny mouse and in a cage
But I know I belong upon the stage
And someday I will be
A personality
And then the one I'm watching on the TV will be me

Now people tend to treat a mouse with simple conversations
But I am like no mouse you've ever seen
So if you think of me that way, then maybe I should mention
I'm Scouse The Mouse and I have got a dream, ooh

So look out world, 'cause here I come
If you want someone special, I'm the one
Although I may be small
It doesn't bother me at all
'Cause I know in my heart that someday I'll be ten feet tall