Radney Foster
"The Kiss"

Well, it's over and gone
Girl tell me the truth
Don't try to lie about it
Someone else has been with you
Judas, couldn't hide it any better than this
The secret's out, darling
Betrayed by a kiss.

Well, it's right here with us, baby
Though it really can't be seen
It's the smell of his seduction
And it makes it hard to breathe
A tender touch can hit you
So much harder than a fist
Not a single word was spoken
You've been betrayed by a kiss.

Where did we go wrong
And blow that candle out
How'd love so strong
Learn to fill a house with doubts
And how long have I been so blind
And been the odd man out.

--- Instrumental ---

Now the truth is so hard
That we choose to lie
And shout our denials
Till the ducts have run dry
No one's there to cover up
The last track that you missed
It's an intimate moment
To be betrayed by a kiss.

Tender lips can hit you
So much harder than a fist
It's a damnable heartbreak
To be betrayed by a kiss...