"Easier Than This"

Under the bodhi tree, I saw you next to me
Closing your eyes and looking in
Clouds in the sky today
Thoughts as we drift away
Free from our wounds and from our sin

Islands of loss turn around
And bring your feet to the ground
For the sun lives within you
ANd it burns where you stand all alone

Outside the temple gates
Something eternal waits
Endless and so misunderstood
Frozen in time you fall
Down from the the highest wall
Clinging for life to what you could

Careless and bold do I find
Myself I see so blind so blind so...

I can't dream of yesterday
And everything I see remembers who you were
The day that you had come to me
And I can't find the words to say
Shouldn't it be easier than this
So much easier than this for me

Under the falling rain
I carry a broken chain
Poisoned and fighting for my soul
Simple and mesmerized
My anger is exorcised
Slowly m heart is turned to coal

I can't say no, I can't give in
I cant let go of what I'm in
I don't know how, it might be now
But it won't be all that you want from
Cuz I can't believe in me...