Ra - Busted lyric

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Killer Ra

Do you think I'm a fool?
A footstool, a dead weight, let's get one thing straight
while you fornicate I show you respect
I Get wrecked Catch your lies in my redirect

It's so sad that you tryin to deny it
If you won't tell the truth then I'll pry it
You had sex and I wasn't invited
I'd like to know how this was decided.

It's alright; it's ok
I don't care if you cheat on me today
I'm broken; disgusted
I'd still love you if you weren't so busted!

So now you still call.
Stand to fall you carry on about how I meant nothing but you gotta get real,
how I feel for you is black, you pull your knife outta my back

Damn girl you gonna cheat on me feed on me and try to act sweet on me
you're so dumb I can see right through you you couldn't pay me to do you

I hope that when you're fifty and your eyes ain't so nifty
you think back about what you done,
you think long and hard about playing me dirty acting flirty getting some

I know you with another man now well two can play that game
Her name is Betty. We've been goin steady
And by the way she hates you already


What's that
who you lookin at
whatcha looking at
who you looking at now? (x6)


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