Marvin Gaye
"When Did You Stop Loving Me..."

spoken intro:
"You know, when you say your marriage vows
they're supposed to be for real, I mean...
If you think back about what you really said,
about honor and loving and obeying and
till death do us part and all
But it shouldn't be that shouldn't be lies
because then it turns out to be lies. If you don't honor what
you've said, you've lied to God. The words should be changed"

Ooo now as I recall, we tried a million times
Again, again and again, and that isn't all
I gave my love to you each time to make amends
Suddenly I start to realize I can't make it
Pretty birds fly away, I had to leave you for my health's sake
What to do? Make you pay, for leaving you, my fine is to pay forever
So if a fresh new love comes in, I won't say those words again
Instead I'll say I tried to love and protect you
With all my heart long as you want me to baby
Ooo if I love again, I'm gonna try a new way this time
Memories of the things we did, some we're proud of, some we hid
So when two people have to part, sometimes it makes them stronger
Do you remember all the bullshit, baby? Yeah yeah
You say you love me with all your heart
but if you ever loved me will all of your heart
You'd never take a million dollars to part
I really tried, you know I tried, oh baby
Although we tried, all of those promises was nothin' but lies
Girl, I really tried, you know how I tried, we really lied, didn't we baby?
And on top of that you have scandalized my name
But I can't understand, you said you loved me
How could you turn me into nothin' least
Didn't I love you good and try to take care of you best i could?
you were so divine and your love was like mellow wine
Pains of love, miles of tears, enough to last for my lifetime
Broken hearts last for years and break away to the blue-day sunshine
One thing I can promise, friend: I'll never be back again
But i'm not really bitter, babe
I wish you all the luck and all the love in the world, good luck in the world
But I know you'll never be satisfied,
no you still want me standing by your side
Memories haunt you all the time, I will never leave your mind
Got judgement on your side; you've said bad things and you've lied
Still I remember some of the good things, baby
Like love after dark and picnics in parks
Those are the days i'll never forget in my life
I'd rather remember, remember the joy we shared, babe
I'd rather remember all the fun we had
All I ever really wanted was to love you and treat you right
All we did was fuss and fight
It don't matter baby, take a lesson from them all
I never thought I'd see the day when you'd put me through
what you put me through
You try your best, you say I gave you no rest

When did you stop loving me? When did I stop loving you?
When did you stop loving me? When did I stop loving you?
When did you stop loving me? When did I stop loving you?