Manafest - Skills lyric

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Verse I
See the light or get knocked off I don't talk a lot I drop it hot modern day psalmist topping charts
Get me in my comfort at a concert
For child hurts merging in the city clubs and outskirts Power the verse from the words of God dialoging
Keep walking proceed behind the line of caution It's just in I heard them men's talking
He ain't the same dude changed afraid he came to pay dues

It used to be about skills
Now it's about bills
You dont know me and you cant hold me, Yo
I'm still true to my game
Where I put my name
No I won't change your all fake

I wanna run away from where I was found
And bring me one step closer to where I am now
And every time you try breaking me down I'm gonna get my back up and stand my ground

Verse II
I run up in your set with Black con's and a skate deck
Throwing hockey pucks blowing speakers and mic check One, Two, what you gone do when I come through
With a team of crazy Canadians rocking skidoos and snow races
You can call it whatever you like, won't have an affect on your life, cause theyre just words and a mic.
Right Tell me people never listen to the words
Well watch the reaction I get when I drop this verse

Chorus Repeats

Break Down:
Step into this game man, a lot of punches being thrown at you I've falling down I don't know how many times
You just got to get right back up Move!!

Chorus: repeats.

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