"Via Negativa"

The arrogance of angels, the heresy of Christ
The stupidity of humanity, the skeletons of society
It's time to separate the saints from the sinners
Judgement day is coming - Evacuate then renovate

Decades of decadence and aeons of evil
Worldwide terror in the shape of a shining star
From the center of damnation to the outskirts of Hell
Redemption only comes with a pair of numbered wings

Proclaimed by a thousand prophets, believed by a million fools
But the day will come when everything falls apart
All it takes is a single act of animal desperation
And what if all the things we believed in were true


In our quest for miracles, we started a war of genitals
Disguised as the bearers of justice, we took your fears a made you a God

Why are you afraid of something you're not even sure exists?
I am the maze of God... I am the true face of fraud
Embrace the pain, and I will lead you to another heaven
For who are you to belive in another paradise than mine?

The Infant Prodigy - The Bearer of Light
Without me you would be nothing at all
The beginning and the end are the same, the circle never ends
And the more things change, the more they stay the same