"Towards the Crown of Night"

War gas swept across each kingdom
Epic Battles rage across domains
Thrones are falling...
As the dark-light burns again
Feeble humans...
Behold me in my victory
Can you see the night come?
It is indeed a beautiful view

I am the storms that rage in the night...
A blazing mist of pure blackness
I am the flame of darkness...
Which burns in every heart

Diven by a list for power and domination
An immortal king I am...forever to rule
I am one with the dark, a prowling shadow-wind
But in the darkness...I am the nightking

Through the raven-woods I walk...
Beyond the raven-lairs
Towards teh Castle of the Dragon-Throne
Towards the crown of nights
Walk my path of victory
A neverending pride
Cross hte River of Crimson Tears
The eternal night is near

Into the silent dark forest beyond

From the churning seas
To the haunted woods
To the snow-covered mountains
I am the night
The glorious night
And shall forevermore conquer

Into the silent dark forest beyond