"West Coast party"

Knightowl (Talkin)]
What up big dawg
What's poppin
What's that WT life like fool
You know it's all about
The mothafuckin crazies
Mothafuckas that want to get some
Come and try it
You can'd fade us fool
Cause those bald headed criminals
SD style
We doin it

Knightowl be the fool with the sound
I'm throwin down sick try to battle me
And stick I what I kick
You must be confused
I'm the one they talkin bout
Runnin all things flashin dope diamond rings
Pockets keep fat I got money and the gat
For those talkin smack I gotta stay straped
I'm not the one that's bout to get caught slippin
I'd rather be convicted so you must be trippin
What you thinkin bout fool
You know I be the loco
I'm still with that wicked ass vocal
Think that you can handle all them things that I bring to the table
You's a fable
Cause if it makes no money then it makes no sense
Big Ballers like me need the dollars
It be my name that you holla
As roll in a 64 Impala when I strike like a rala

This ain't nothing but a west coast party
So everybody it's time to get naughty
I got the W that'll trouble you
If you think you can get some
Then fool come and gets some

What gives you the right to come and fight me
Tongith when I'm comin through throwin up that W
It's the K to the N the I to the G H T O W L, what's that spell
The sickest of them all
Be this man that be flowin like a river
I make some shit when I deliever
MC gather round just to watch me throw down
When I bump the sound everyboy's goin down
Falsely accused now you must get abused