"Turn off your lights"

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Before I turn off your lights

I hope this shit's understood

If that ass wants to stay alive

You best not fuck with my hood

Poince trucha


Fools wanna be like me

MC's they best get out my path

They all leave in a blood bath

In this game I do control like

Check this out

This fool that said he was my homie

This mothafucka tried he always lied

And now he's livin lonely

Ain't nobody got's his back

That fool be wack on top of things

He smokin crack

He's fucked up in the mind with no rewind

Drugs done turn bad alot of good soldiers

You see I told ya

Don't fuck with shit

If you can hang

Like fuckin with my

Will get you blasted

Inside of a casket

It's be along mothafuckin time

Since I was young

I ain't got my ass kick

Times change like a fuckin diaper

The Knightowl became a snipper

All that shit you young knuckle heads

Be doin

I already earn that stripe on

So what is it

Does death wanna pay me a visit

Goes if so

I must not ever let go

Of them demons

All bitches gotta keep screamin

Cause I be the one that got's em

Jumpin to the rythem

That I give me

Pure gangsta shit mothafucka

When ever I hit em



The Knightowl be the sickest

Mothafucka don't you battle

Cause I'm coming

With the shank inside my pocket

You can't stop it

Hit em up just like graffiti

Smokin weed that's never seedy

Ain't no holding back around my city

The fuck with the peace treaty

What the fuck you talkin about fool

You want static automatic

To the mothafucka dome

I'll seperate you from your homes

Cause all of you levas should of never

Double cross the fuckin lokest

Now that ass is fuckin diein

That family tree's not multiplin

All the placas full of caca

La (?) no me saca

Saven que soy el que mata

Si es que sale alguna rata

Ponganse trucha


La cachucha cuando yo entro a la battalla

Yo y el diablo valasiamos los canallas

Traigo mis perros

Que no ladran

Descalabran a qual quiera que se ponga en frente

Que chinge su madre toda la gente

Si no quieren escucharme

Chingadasos quieren darme

Pues vamos a ver lo que pasa yo estoy listo pa enfrentarme



What the fuck you talkin about

Mcs like you can suck a dick

You best not trip

Or Ima take that ass back

To the days of the fuckin whip

About to begin unloadin

Sinical thoughts be explodin

With bad intentions full of crime

The six one nine is all fuckin mine

Even though I gets no radio love

You still cant top them barcode hits

The Knightowl be the one they all try to copy

Cause I'm poppy

I'm still the doppest rhyming

All them charts I keep on climing

To the top but I wont drop

Cream of the crop

And yous a lop

I be the baddest

Since shit began

Yo controlo San Diego

Esto es sierto

Me divierto

Cuando los entierro en el desierto

Vatos lloran por su madre

Depronto piden un padre

Desde que you era morro

Mi jefe me dijo "no ay que dejarse"

De ninguno- que te vuske

Por eso siempre cargo

Mi quete listo pa matar a qual quien

Cabron que no respete

El Tecolote be the mas chingon

Quemones pa los mamones

No ay versos mas chingones

Veinte tres veinte matones