"This be some gangsta shit"

[Slush "The Villain"]

Slush "The Villain" all up in this mothafucka for the Y2K bitch

Represent Sawed Off to the fullest

With these mothafuckin bullets

Lettin all my enimies know

I'm about to blow like Hiroshima bitch

I'm on the verge of getting rich mothafucka

[Bams and Trumayne]

I've been a soldier putting in work just earn stripes

Layin them on the corner with no life 17 tight

Gun fights each time I look, Lok's got the pump

With over stuffed trucks and homie just forced to dumped

With no senses lookin for no regrets

The hood they did the dirt left them soakin wet

No where to jet, if you pull you pistol you better shoot it

And Lok make the tape, waiting just to close your set

Now matches always getting made, niggas days ruined

And riding with a vest and lovin what my homies doin

We pick and choose, flippin coins and breakin rules

Paid off my dues, on the street play to lose

Leave no clues, DNA came missin

People talkin but you know the streets listen

Diamonds glisten and babies always come up missin

And flyin in an expedition on a murder mission

[Chorus: Slush "The Villain"]

This be some gangsta shit

Some who bangin shit

I got you livin life of danger bitch

so stay away from me

I'm ready to ride I'm ready to die

Intoxicated and high

We flirt life in thise mothfucka



You can't handle this fuckin vandle

I'm causin scandals fools be getting worn out like sandles

So who you be tryin to get all in my business

I got a 38 slug nose bitch come and kiss this

Reality strikes like a mothafuckin rattle

I bring nothin bu the gansta shit down with Sawed Off

Now who's getting hauled off when I got the double barrel

When I point at your dome chrome spits got's clip

For those that appose I'm a drop the black rose

In your grave mothaucka, you best not misbehave

Consequences getting leathal we killin people

You trip burn out a clip for those that slip

Nobody's ever been able to mess

Slugs will fly up in your chest

And if you disagree I suggest fuck with me

I be that fool that's never gave now it's all up to you

If you wanna press your luck mothafucka



Nigga press out the strap on me, now your cheeks wet

Now the whole press for world fame

Time to bring the cling clang let the Mosburn rang

Nervous sounds of cops buck em down now it's bling blang

We some natural born killas

Don't attempt on my nigga cause my pockets stay straped

Blazin tweed and sippin yak on a good night

Show stoppin gun fights if the time's right

It's the life Iive that makes me stay active

Cause I want to see my first Mill when it's time to deal

Shoot up shoot up time to blast off

Dumpin craniums, getting high this is Sawed Off

Thug is my mind spirt body and soul

Please help me God and don't leave me alone

Thug life in this bitch, chronic get it crack it and blast it

Mash it and who bangin for these gangsta's satisfaction


That's right mothafuckas

Knightowl droppin some gangsta shit

Got my boy Bams in the house

Slush "The Villains"

My home boy Trumayne

What up mothafuckas

You wanna get some of this shit

You can't fuck with none of us

Fuck you mothafucka we slaughter

You'll get fucked just like your daughter

And it just don't stop

Sawed Off Records fool

For the new millenium

Crackin craniums, watch your back fool