Artist : Kisschasy
Title : Angeles
The music plays, the glowing of brilliant blue, I see in you.
The bitter taste of you skin tells me that I have crossed the line.
But I won't listen; I just sink my teeth in more.
The bed screams your name, but you sleep on the floor.

And with this one last breath, I'll try to help you understand,
that you're the weakest part in the selfish spark that never ends.
Just burns out.

It makes me sick and burns me like a cigarette;
we wear a smile that fades out with the sunset.
Stop pretending that you don't want anyone else.
The nights young and you're the name on my lips;
you undress with the best of intentions,
just as long as you're keeping this from everyone else.

If one picture is a thousand words, one thousand pictures might explain,
how you look tonight, I'll never turn the other way.
Your voice sings to every song, and every song tells of you.
“Cross your heart and hope to die???”