Killing Heidi

she wants to take it back and she tries, tries and tries so hard,
i, see her, with the new shoes and makeup on,
she'll have to, make it up, make it up, make it up,
she'll make it up, she'll make it up...... up again,
now i see her standing in that line, and its not why the perfect crime,
cause she got, got up all of the space that you know,
but thats, that empty space the empty space, empty space still gone,
between her ears, ears,
between her ears.........
but she still has, she, she has you, you ooh ooh,
hmmmm, hayaya ahigh
hooooooo, ooh yeah
now she doesnt know a thing,
and she'll steal, that, pretty ring, pretty ring, pretty ring,
from off your hand, from off your hand.........
and she'll stand, she'll, she'll stand...........
in line!
she'll waste her time, she's willing too, for you..........
lanananananana, lanananananana, lanananananana,
lanananananana, lanananananana, lanananananananay,