Kate Ryan
"Start Me Up"

ow I don't need nobody's persuasion
To get this party off of the ground
So get the music jumpin' we'll all get down
Start me up !!

We'll take if off like we're in our bedroom
We'll turn it on like never before
And we'll sweat this joint just to make a point
Start me up !!

And we'll take no survivors
Hit the roof can't get much higher now
It's your turn... Start me up !!

I'll give ya all my riches
Are you ready for booty and kisses now
Here we go... Start me up !!

Start me up !! Start me up !!
And if it takes all night - we can do it right
Start me up !!

Now I'm a girl that's on a mission
And I won't quit till I'm satisfied
So get your bod' in gear 'cause we got no fear
Start me up !!

'Cause dreams won't last forever
(But) as long as we just stay together.
You can always... Start me up !!